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Thomas Cement AB is a trading and distribution company within the Thomas Concrete Group. Our main business objective is to secure and develop the group”s long term supply of raw materials.


At Landskrona and Uddevalla terminals we are currently storing and distributing slag.

Ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS) is extracted from slag, a residuary product from steel production.

The use of Slag Bremen as a mineral additive/binder enables reduced Portland Cement content, significantly affecting the CO2 footprint as less energy is required to refine slag.

Slag changes the characteristics the concrete, such as improving rheology, pumpability, workability, and it reduces water demand in concrete production. It also reduces heat development and risk of thermal cracking in massive structures.

Concrete containing slag shows improved durability in terms of resistance to various chemical reactions, while also making a lighter, fair-faced concrete with reduced efflorescence.


Karl Björkeborn
CEO, Thomas Cement AB
Tel: +46 104-50 50 74

Marcus Ådén
Site manager, Thomas Cement AB
Tel: +46 104 50 50 93

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